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This decorative font is based on Cyrillic Vyaz of XV-XVI centuries. This type of letters were used as display faces in sacred texts. In Vyaz, the letters are characteristically fitted to each other so the letter sequences look as one solid ornamental frieze. The font is rich in discretionary ligatures which help to accentuate the style of Vyaz. In addition to letters and standard characters there is a number of monograms and Christian symbols. These and other features are available in OTF format.

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Congratulations, very interesting!

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It’s quite interesting. Were you also looking at Thai scripts?

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thank you :)
No, not Thai, is also a similarity with Armenian letters:)

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Very Nice.
If similar to any Latin styles, some Licko faces of the 80s, Oblong, Modula.

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Congratulations! The E and a surprising me.

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This is great. I've always wondered what a Latin Vyaz would look like.

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