Help needed, gmail invitation will be given for an idea

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here i have an assignment called combination of materials where i have
to make a product using the unusual or usual properties of the materials.
Ex:-usual wood rigid and hard, unusual flexible when made very thin.
So i am expected to do some magic like the things that we find in science
museum. So we have a set of words we are supposed to selct any two of them
and make a product or some thing that would represent both of them.
can anyone please if possible think of some idea which can be
done (any material. Here are the words u can think for
Balance, flexibility, movement, transperancy, reflection, rigid, fly,
float, fragile, knot, sound, opposing, porous, elasticity, spring, light.
that may not be known to many people and that it very fascinating i mean
that would be a surprise.
It can be scientific also. Any experiment that u can recall.
i have run out of ideas so am posting it.
ps:- I also have 6 gmail invitations for someone who could post a good idea. post your email id along with ur idea

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I assume s/he is asking for your email so they can send you the gmail invite.

Sounds like a class assignment from a design esoteric art professor.

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Your summary of your brief is one of the most confusing I have ever read. That sort of stress ain't even worth a gMail invitation.

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If anyone actually wants a gmail invite, I have a ton I have yet to give away...

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Can I have one? I'm sick of using hotmail, I get a ton of junk everyday

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I will give a gmail account to anybody who can figure out what this scam is about.

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Is this not a scam? The bit about "post your email id along with ur idea" is the giveaway.

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Yeah I'd say it is a scam, I was just cracking a bad joke.

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