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Hello, I would very like to use Incubator, Jeremy Mickes Router from Village for an identity, but I cant find a way to also use it on web (etc typekit, typotheque or webfonts on fontshop)

Does anyone know if its still possible?

Or does anyone have suggestions on simular typefaces?


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Router isn’t available for @font-face embedding, and there’s really not anything quite like it that is. Check the EULA! It allows Sifr embedding.

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If you are interested in another rounded font, check out Arial Rounded. We offer it at with a web fonts license.

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Arial Rounded is available in just about any system. Are you trying to fool people? Edit: Forgive me! It's just the bold weight that is available in OSX and Windows.

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Thanks Frank - not trying to fool anyone. Arial Rounded Bold does not come with Windows - but rather with MS Office. So it is not one of the fonts you can be assured everyone has. And as you saw it does have a variety of weights in the family that make it appealing.

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As for rounded web fonts, maybe take a look at FF Netto or the new FF DIN Round.

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My apologies.

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