Five faces I would like to see

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Often here on Typophile’s Critique forums are presented some beautiful typefaces.
As it happens, some of them gather a good deal of attention, while others will receive just a comment or two.
What I very rarely have seen happening is the designer coming back to the thread announcing the release of the font.
That said, here’s a short chronological list of fonts I would really like to see released in my lifetime:

And, while to my knowledge it wasn’t ever submitted for critique, I would add the regular guest of the Type ID Board:

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One down, four to go:

Lucky you ;)

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I knew I should’ve double-checked!
But that just confirms my statement about the lack of announcements… ;-)

And there are typefaces you would like to see published?

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Assuming you're in good health, you will see Ambicase Modern released in your lifetime. In fact, I think before summer is gone.

I'd add

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These are good news! :-)
And good additions too.

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I'd like to see Gecko by Ben Mitchell released.

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It seems that Ben will feel a lot of pressure… ;-)

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Wow. Thanks! I’d love to see Sindre’s stuff too. And Ambicase Modern is just sick!

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i apologize for not announcing it here yet - you just came a few days early with this thread :)

tierra nueva was released just two days ago - on ralf herrmanns label as this site is quite germany/europe centred, i wanted to wait until it is available on too, which should happen in just a few days.

I'll update the developement thread right after that, and I guess ralf will post a thread in the release section too.

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Thanks! Ernestine is in progress.
And no worries, I'll announce it for sure. :-)

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Wow, I'm feeling bashful! Thanks Craig for pointing me to this thread :D

Once I'm back at my desk, I'll have to decide which order to try and finish these fonts in. You bet I'll keep you updated! For me all this has to fit around my career in comms too. And some day I really hope to make it to one of these type events, and meet some of you guys too!

In addition to the above mentioned fonts (which I wholeheartedly agree with), I'm very fond of Peggo's Farola and probably some others that I can't find on this — aah — slow connection right now.

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Here's one more I'd like to see Pomona Display, looks like it might have gone off the boil unfortunately.

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I think Pomona actually shipped as Patchouli (with swashes!):

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Ah well there we are...very nice indeed. Thanks for the link Riccardo :)

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Ambicase Modern has been released!

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Wonderful news, Craig! :-)

Two down, three to go, and one seems very near…

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The “one very near” seems lost again…

But Noir is finally up for critique! :-)

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It's looking like Mint is going to be my first one published, possibly by the end of the year.

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Here's a sentence I've been looking forward to writing for years:
FF Ernestine is now available. :-)

Edit: And there's a website for it:

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Herzliche Glückwünsche, Nina!

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Word is that Telefon (on my list of long-awaited releases) is coming soon!

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And I don’t know why, but i think the word could be “Monokrom” ;-)

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The mention of Ernestine in this thread reminds me... while a Latin character set in Arek is yet to be made available, somehow I remember seeing in recent web searches something that resembled what I would expect it to look like...

EDIT: A web search has convinced me that I am mistaken. Even though I did find something that almost looks like Arek in the Latin alphabet: Alice, designed by another typographer who came from the same educational institution... and thus at almost the same time and place.

But I don't think it was what I imagined I saw before.

EDIT: Legionary, from Tkachev, also resembles or suggests Arek, although being quite different from Alice.

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Vinter (née Noir) + Telefon is out today: So is Satyr, Faunus and Aften Screen.

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Frode, I love the website, it shows off the typefaces perfectly. Really great work.

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Thank you, Karl!

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At last! how long did it take Frode? Looks great - congrats. I'm sure you'll be on to a winner there, well done.

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Is Vinter the type we have been enjoying in the Bay’s fashion flyers this year?

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Nick: Yes, we made a customized version for them a while back. Do you have images?

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Other Nick: We’ve been at it at least three years now.

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Wonderful news about! (and pretty impressive releases too :-)
Congratulations and thanks to all involved.

Now, after just about two and half years, of the five I listed, it seems only Epiphany isn't yet released.

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Epiphany was entered into Paratype's 2009 design competition, and is listed among the fonts on his website.

I didn't find anywhere that it could be obtained, however.

- Herb

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Sorry, I don’t have images.
You should get them to send you some of the flyers.

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I may have some images. I'll email them to Monokrom. The Bay was using the type in their windows a few months back -- but my friend wouldn't stop the car for me to photograph it. I got one on the fly though. It looked great and it reminded me of Noir. And now I see why.


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Vinter is awarded a certificate of excellence in type design by the Type Directors Club. More on our website:

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