The Fount

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Gerald Giampa

Tried to find your last reference to The Fount in the search engine here. Ye gods. Password hell. Something quite wrong there.

At any rate, while rummaging around through a file cabinet today, I discovered the first issue (Caslon) of _The Fount_. The newsprint has yellowed a bit but the typography is still holding up.

So, where is the infamous metal type insert?

Are you still considering reviving this?

Gerald Lange

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I would like to have a copy of the fonts available in that issue. Any chance of a photocopy, or scan? I would really appreciate that.

Yes, I am considering reviving it. I would like to know if you would consider writing an article for it?


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Gerald G.

Tried to respond to you via email response. Ha! I think Typophile is just way too high tech for me, in a Brazil sort of way.

You don't have a copy of it? Sure, I can send you a scan of the fonts, Wednesday at the latest. Hell, Gerald, you gave it to me, if you need it I will send the original to you. Will need your address though.

Yeah, of course, I'd be willing to write for it. Winter's coming, I stop production and switch into writing mode. My office is warm. Not so great running through the studio to the bathroom though. Whoa.

Gerald L.

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