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Hi everybody!

I've been looking for a while over the net about the font used by Martini&Rossi for their new logo: it reminds me Gotham Black, but it is slightly different (R, different heights...).

Does anyone know if that font is on sale?

You can find the logo here:


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I would guess that it's not a font.

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That's new? They (whoever they are) should have hired a professional to do it. The M is bad, as is the A, but the really stand-out monster is the R - especially the really lousy straight to curve transitions of the inner bowl, the too thick lower horizontal, not to mention the hideous leg. How was this ever passed as final artwork?

Why would you want to buy it Alexandros? it's CRAP!

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I wouldn't ( =D ), it was just a way to ask you if that was a font available on sale or made just for Martini.

Maybe would be better asking you about Gotham similar fonts: what would you suggest?

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Gotham similar fonts: what would you suggest?


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I am quite enjoying Alright Sans, especially the Small Caps.

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Great! Thank you all!

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