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I have designed a simple logo for an open source security application I'm currently developing.
The font in use is Museo by ExLjbris Font Foundry (the free weight), with some character merging applied by me.
While I like the "ALMA" part, I'm not satisfied with the "beautiful security" motto below.

Any suggestion will be appreciated.


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I think this doesn't work too well for several reasons. The ligatures you created make the word ALMA hard to read, as the L becomes an I. The Beautiful Security is unevenly spaced, and there is a huge gap between the words. My advice would be to try to work on the logo and typography first in black only, as it makes it easier to judge if the shapes and proportions are allright. Also try many different versions, placements etc and print them out big. Pin these on a wall and leave it there for a while. After this you can start looking at the colour scheme.

Good luck

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I agree with Quenteau, this doesn't work for several reasons. The colors you've chosen combined with the unnecessary outlines look like a kids sports team - oh, and Quenteau is also right about working strictly in black & white before adding color. It's the only way to flush out a solid design.

Aside from all the technical/visual missteps, it doesn't convey security at all, and as a result, it doesn't inspire potential users to trust the application. IMHO, this is a huge problem for security software. Look around at the big names in security (not just software; look at banks, law enforcement, alarm companies, etc.) and learn from their success.

If you chose Museo simply because you like it, well, that's the wrong reason to choose a font. Make at least a dozen draft logos - each one a fresh idea wholly different from the last - before you focus in for refinements. Unless you do that, you'll waste a lot of time trying to force something to work based on something emotional like loving a great font. A logo is not a font showcase, it's the voice of your product. What does your product want to tell its potential customers? Does Museo say that? I love Museo...but I don't think it works for your product. Can you convince me otherwise?

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Thank you all for your comments: my work definitely shows that I'm an IT man and not a designer :>

@Alaskan: you caught me! With fonts, I'm definitely the emotional kind of person.

May I ask you all some visual hints?

Thanks again, A.

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May I ask you all some visual hints?

Hire a designer.

- Lex

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Now, Lex, not so harsh.

I guess it's hard to give advice out of the blue. Best advice is look around, to other businesses, in books, at typefaces. Try to define what program it is in visual terms. Then try diffrent things, just sketching. Then come back here and we can give some more feedback.

And have fun!

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I'd suggest looking at bank logos. They tend to look solid (at least they used to).

Try to define what the logo has to communicate then try to say that with images. Maybe try to mix two concepts together (a safe and a computer pop into my mind [although maybe it's a little obvious]). Think about different concepts, so you'll end up with lots of choices. and then we can pitch in and guide you in the right direction.

Hope this helps and good luck!

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What does the motto beautiful security refer to? The qualities people generally value in security are strength, reliability, comprehensiveness, and ease of use--not beauty. Since you're using beauty to differentiate your product from other security applications, think about what attributes of your product a user would find beautiful, and make a logo that visually embodies those attributes.

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> What does the motto beautiful security refer to?

It's probably when you encrypt something, forget your encryption password, go like "AAAAAAAHAHAHA!!!!", then "Wait a minute... wasn't it 'password?'" and it decrypts!.

And you are like "Ahhhh... bea-u-ti-ful."


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@apankrat: ;>

Beautiful security refers to the interpretation of security meaning. For an organization, security if often a burden, something you have to cope with only for compliance purposes. A correct understanding of security, however, will add value to IT systems and enhance the overall operations of both the IT and management staff.

[I'm not affiliated in any way to the authors of the book, I only share their point of view]

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I second Lex suggestion. If this is something you are serious about, you need to hire a professional.

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Thank you all again for your comments: this is definitely a matter I cannot improvise.
But, as I stated above, ALMA is an open source application and hiring someone to design its logo is not an option...

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Try to find an open source designer. I'm sure other open source applications are also designed, also by professionals, and why not?? You just have to find the right person. But finding a designer a certainly a good idea. I'm sure there are designers that are interested. Just don't ask them to do it for free. Open source does not signify free. If your application is open source why not try an open source logo?

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