Need Help with Kerning/Letter Spacing

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I'm designing business cards and I would like for the kerning/letter spacing of the letters to look right.. i dont have 2 much knowledge on the subject so thought I would ask here.. is there any tips/guidelines I can look at? I'm concerned about some letters like V,K,W,A.. letters with slants in them confuse me so before I go ahead and submit the design to have these cards printed I would like to figure this out.. Where can I find information on which letters should get tighter kerning than others? What about spaces in words? is there a way to figure out how big the space should be?

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Most professional fonts have already dealt with those issues, and will handle kerning as a matter of course...

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so if i used a font like tungsten.. no kerning would be needed?

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Not unless it's badly spaced and kerned by the designer, which I doubt.

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