FontLab Crashes

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I've been working on a new font family, using Fontographer (new version 5) to do the glyph editing (I'm more familiar with it and prefer it). I'm now ready to do OpenType programming of the fonts. I opened the fonts in FontLAB to do the final glyph alternates, etc. Before I begin with the programming, I decided to generate the fonts to test them before going further, There are two styles of Family-- Regular and Script.

The Regular Style generates OTF just fine. But when I try to generate the Script style, FONTLAB crashes. Can anyone explain what I need to do to keep this from happening? The Script font is based on the Regular version, and I am guessing there is a naming/Font ID issue.

I'm on a MAC OSX 10.5.8 using FL 5.0.4.

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I had FontLab crash while generating the TrueType version of an autohinted font, even though the CFF version generated just fine. FontLab has also once crashed simply when I closed the Metrics window. Sometimes FontLab just crashes...

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I've been trying to work around this problem. I don't know if there is a glitch in compatibility with Fontographer 5 (where I do my glyph creation/editing) and FontLab 5. I've found myself going back to Fog 4 to do some things. I had a really really strange crash with FontLab. I generated the font, which worked... but then the entire computer went black with only the mouse showing. I couldn't escape the program, nor go to other open aps on the computer. I had to do a manual shut down and then start the computer back up.

Quick question... the new FOG 5 doesn't create bmap files for MAC PostScript. I had to go back to FOG 4 to generate the files I wanted to use. I'm not the most technically savvy person, so I'm not sure if I even NEED bmap files... but FontExplorer won't open a PostScript file without the bmap.

This is complicated to get what I need/want.


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Quick question... the new FOG 5 doesn't create bmap files for MAC PostScript.

Have you tried to generate "Mac Type 1 Suitcase" instead of "Mac Type 1"?

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