(x) Baroque - (similar to) Optima, Palatino {Lex, Viviane}

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Hi everyone,

Can anyone help ID the font from this game please. The game is called Baroque and was on the Wii. We're curious because it holds up pretty well for an in game serif font.

Thanks all.

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Looks like Optima to me...

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Agree on the Optima for the sans serif. The serif looks much like Palatino in proportion, but a little narrower and the Ps don't match (closed vs. open in Palatino)

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A big thanks guys. I'm so sorry it took me so long to post back, it appears really ungrateful. I originally posted in the middle of work and forgot to track replies as it wasn't something critical to the project but personal curiosity. Optima was my first guess but the lower case g in Angelic is different and the size difference between caps and lower case is off. Close though.

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