Ascender releases new OpenType font pack for Microsoft Office 2010

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The Ascender 2010 Font Pack is the first product designed to showcase the new OpenType typographic features in Office 2010. The Ascender 2010 Font Pack includes 14 fonts for only $14.99, including new and enhanced versions of the Comic Sans & Trebuchet fonts.

Elk Grove Village, IL -- July 6, 2010 -- Ascender Corporation, a leading provider of advanced font products, announced today a new collection of OpenType™ fonts created specifically for use in Microsoft™ Office 2010. The Ascender 2010 Font Pack features 14 fonts with enhanced OpenType features that showcase the advanced typographic features new to Microsoft Word 2010 and Microsoft Publisher 2010.

Ascender 2010 Font Pack showcases new OpenType font features in Microsoft Office 2010

Included in the Ascender 2010 Font Pack are new and enhanced versions of Microsoft's popular Comic Sans™ and Trebuchet™ fonts, along with fancy script and display fonts developed by the type design team at Ascender. Each font was optimized to support Office 2010's new OpenType typographic features. Also included in the Font Pack is a set of templates for Word 2010 and Publisher 2010 that show off the fonts in action.

The Ascender 2010 Font Pack is priced at $14.99 with a single user license and is available for immediate download exclusively from Ascender's website. The Ascender 2010 Font Pack is packaged with an automatic installer for Microsoft Windows.

"The new versions of Comic Sans and Trebuchet have a lot of great OpenType features" said Vincent Connare, the original designer of the fonts. "My hat's off to Ascender for creating swashes and other delightful flourishes that give these fonts a breath of fresh air."

Office 2010 has many new features to let users be more creative and expressive. The new OpenType font features in Word 2010 and Publisher 2010 allow users to select various advanced typographic features that can be built into OpenType fonts. This includes ligatures, number forms & spacing, contextual alternatives and stylistic sets. The Ascender 2010 Font Pack includes a 14 page User Guide with detailed samples of each font and the features it has that are supported in Office 2010.

"The new Microsoft Office 2010 already has a significant base of customers, including over 9 million downloads of the beta version." said Ira Mirochnick, President at Ascender Corporation. "These new OpenType fonts provide Office 2010 customers with an affordable set of creative tools that tap into exciting new font features in Word 2010 and Publisher 2010."

The Ascender 2010 Font Pack contains the following fonts: Comic Sans 2010 (including new italic and bold italic fonts), Trebuchet 2010 (including new black & black italic fonts), Impact™ 2010, Pokerface™ 2010, Rebekah™ 2010 and Rebus Script™ 2010. This diverse selection of font styles and weights are great for home and business projects, expanding the typographic creativity and professional look of documents.

The Ascender 2010 Font Pack requires Microsoft Office 2010, or an application that supports OpenType typographic features (i.e.Adobe Creative Suite, QuarkXPress, Mellel). For more information or to download the font pack visit:

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I saw this over at Fontmarketplace. And though I support Microsoft efforts to enhance typographic features in Word, a program used by so many people, why did they not choose typefaces where this would really have a point, like Times New Roman or Georgia. I don't really see the point of old-style numerals in Comic Sans... :-)

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I declined making the new one since I am buried in other serious work. So blame Chicago!

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Pro versions of Georgia and Verdana are in the works. Pro versions of Arial and TNR are available elsewhere AFAIK.

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Lebron James leaves Cleveland and the boss is being very childish.

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Cleveland is Sans Lebron :-(

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Tony on PTI just used Comic Sans on his Errors and Omissions. Later said it was an Error.

Slam Dunk.

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Will any of them support U+0331?

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