AFDKO FontLab macros on Mac OS X

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I just successfully installed the AFDKO command-line tools on Mac OS X as I've just tested runnin gthe "autohint -h" line and it gives me plenty of Help information… but I'm having problems when trying to install the FontLab macros.

I've followed the guide step by step here


and I don't actually get any error in the Terminal window it's just nothing actually happens. This is what I get when following the 1-8 steps for installing the FontLab macros:

Last login: Tue Jul 6 14:51:49 on ttys002
mike-jarboes-macbook-pro:~ Reserves$ cd
mike-jarboes-macbook-pro:~ Reserves$ /Users/Reserves/Library/Application\ Support/FontLab/Studio\ 5/Macros/FDK/Tools/FontLab python /Users/Reserves/Library/Application\ Support/FontLab/Studio\ 5/Macros
-bash: /Users/Reserves/Library/Application Support/FontLab/Studio 5/Macros/FDK/Tools/FontLab: is a directory
mike-jarboes-macbook-pro:~ Reserves$

Anyone know what I'm doing wrong? Please advise.

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Oops, thought that was an actual web link… basically, I followed the 1-8 steps from the included readme.html which seem to be slightly different than what is listed here -

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Bueller? Bueller? Bueller?… Anyone? Anyone?

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Nevermind, got it working!

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Did it need anything special, or was the Eight Step Program sufficient after all?

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Theunis - I'm not exactly sure what I did different, I just started fresh earlier today and it worked. I'm not a big Terminal fan as it's a bit too tech for me and kind of makes me nervous. If you miss a space or make the slightest mistake it's hard to tell as it's like a foreign language I assume unless your a developer. Most likely I made a small error translating the instructions in my haste which led to the initial problem of the Macros not installing, but now it all looks good and I'm excited to try out the Adobe autohint feature, among others. : )

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