World Cup Jerseys

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A bit like the whole England performance, terrible!

I like the Algeria font, although it's a shame the numerals are not the same.

I realise most of the shirts have a generic manufacturers design but it's a shame the typography doesn't reflect the countries a little more.

Has anyone else been following the shirts rather than the game?

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There is an article on Font Feed about the typography here:

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... and an older thread here:

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Compared to the other shirts, the England jerseys are the best looking by far!
The Puma font looks way too busy and strange, especially when set in lower case only (never understodd why some teams seem to prefer lc only).
And the adidas font’s just terrible, you can’t really tell the difference between certain letters (e.g. /A/ and /R/) during the match when in motion. Every insight about readability and legibility is sacrificed to a perceived fancy look.

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Since they were going for names in all caps sans serif, it would have been nice if Umbro (England team’s manufacturer) had used Johnston Underground…

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Johnston Underground would be a poor choice I think. It just says London to me, not England. Not UK.

I say use fat face for names and numerals. That would be seriously awesome. Maybe in reverse italic!

or even a forward italic one like this

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