(x) Slab serif, single story a. Anybody know? - ITC Lubalin Graph, Serifa {Florian, Lex}

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Can anyone identify this one? It's a slab serif with a single story a. Looks a lot like Rockwell except for a few things. The only sample I have is this lo-res business card scan :\

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Hi Joseph,

that looks like ITC Lubalin Graph.

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ooo, thats really close. Almost close enough. But in this one there is no serif at the top of the upper case A. another sample:

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I’m inclined to say that ‘Masonry’ is a different face altogether. Can you post a bigger sample, like, ten times this size?

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I was interested to note that the 'r' in the Bitstream version of Lubalin Graph is not the same as the other versions.

I agree with Florian, your MASONRY sample also has the wrong R to be Lubalin - I think it's a different font. The one common letter from MASONRY and your other samples seems to be the M and it has vertical sides in the 'name' sample, but looks splayed in MASONRY.

- Mike Yanega

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"MASONRY" looks like Serifa to me. The rest does look like Lubalin Graph.

- Lex

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