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Hi there,

Student here.
I would be grateful for any input on the spacing of these letters.


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The larger the type, the less space between letters is needed. If this image at 100 percent is the size the image is going to be, the kerning (tracking) is a bit loose. The smaller the type, the more tracking necessary. This only applies to all caps. Lowercase should never have additional tracking.

I think the the leading could be tighter too. The space between the *+* and *DISTRICT* should be tightened if you tighten the tracking. Erik Spiekerman mentions in his book *Stop Stealing Sheep & Find Out How Type Works*, that the space between words should never be greater than the amount of leading. The reader's eyes will drop down to the next line between the words. The space between the *+* and *DISTRICT* is not more than the leading but I just mentioned that in case you have not heard it before.

I hope this helps. Take care.

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Observe the white shapes between letters, now it is not very bad, first word I see more whitw than others, special attention letters like T, Y, L... they generate more white space.


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Thank you both for replying.

The type will have to work in large format (sign sized) as well as small size (business card, etc.).

Do you think that a specific version for each size would be the best? As in a tighter version for the sign and a looser version for the letterhead?


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Here is a revision.

I have decreased leading and tightened things up.


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If there were a vertical line from the edge of the L the A and C of Arts Council should move to the left slightly. Close up after both of the C's in council. Tighten the DY in Ladysmith. Look at all the T's and visually balance the spaces on either side of the cross-bar. it's easy to see this on the T between I & H of Ladysmith. I would look at making the + the same as the cap height and aligning it so the vertical also lines up with the cap L of Ladysmith ( this would help balance the white space that occurs on the top right. You would have to reduce the stroke width to match the other characters. I would also tighten the leading further, possibly by as much as the crossbar of the T. I must admit the R annoys me as does the weight of the Y… apart from that… :D

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