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Dear typophiles,

I am currently working on a small, but fun rebranding project for a vintage shop. It's not exactly an antique shop, because they don't sell old furniture, but they do sell authentic vintage stuff like posters, accessories, music records,... Besides the shop itsself, they also have a huge collection of stuff they rent out for tv or film productions. Let's say you need a complete 50s candy store for your movie; they can help you out.

The company exists for 25 years now and is called "Habbekrats" which means "for a song" in Dutch. This name was chosen because at the very beginning, they sold things at very low prices. Because this is not the case anymore, they wanted me to rebrand their shop.

The concept I came up with (and on which we already agree) is that it won't be called an antique shop, but a "time travel agency" ("tijdreisbureau" in Dutch), because they can take you to whatever era you want. The identity will logically follow from this concept, so the shop will refere to travel agencies.

My question to you guys is if you could take a look at the logo and give your opinion on it. I'm very interested in all possible opinions and remarks.

A little explanation on the logo:
- the bird refers to airline companys (travel)
- the bird is built out of the pointers of a clock (time)
- the bird flies to the left (past)

Thanks a lot!

ps: this is the first logo I'm designing for a client, so I hope I did not make too many beginner mistakes.

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re-branding is not just about a new logo, it's much, much more. re-branding comes from internal change, not slapping a new logo on the front and hoping for the best.

the concept is great (though IMO it needs to be more fun (based on the direction you've posted) – creating a sense of adventure and wonder – and more strongly reference retro).

show the concept more developed (how about airline ticket price cards, packaged promo kits like airline food.)
or perhaps create several versions of the logo, as though it has changed over time and in different eras. making it tangible, tactile, playful...and you're on the way to a great identity.

what a fantastic and fun opportunity.

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Thanks for your comment, ratbaggy!

The logo I posted is indeed only a small piece of the puzzle.
What I'm also working on are take-away postcards from different times, luggage labels in different styles which people get when they buy sth from a certain era ("I've been to the 60s"), the business cards will be luggage tags,...

This is my first "re-branding" project and I'm still figuring out what to do first (although I know you can't really plan that as ideas are constantly poppping up), so I started with the logo to have a good starting point for everything else.

I like your suggestion of the changing logo.
When I have some new stuff, I'll post them.

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I didn’t read your post, just clicked the pictures, and instantly saw the bird and the clock. The left = past I didn’t get. The concept of time travel is a great idea. I second Ratbaggy’s opinion.

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look forward to seeing more fred...or eric...or both.

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What typeface did you used for 'tijdreisbureau'? I like it. I also like your logo, but I think 'habbekrats' needs a different typeface. Also it seems to me that 'habbekrats' is the actual name of the company. In that case it should be bigger than 'tijdreisbureau'. If 'tijdreisbureau' is the company-name I don't see what 'habbekrats' is doing there. As a dutchman I know what it means, but I really can't see where you're going with it.

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the concept is wonderful, but the logo stays small around it. I didnt get the bird, i thouhgt it was a scissor or another tool. Maybe a backwards clock, with the seconds pointer going left, idk.

awesome project & good concept thinking :) luck

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I reckon we must be about due for an update!

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