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Hello there, again ;)

I have a problem with my font - when I export it, the problem is next: when I write with it the height of one line is very very long, just to be sure you understand here are some pics of it [of course the problem is same in Illustrator] ;)

Why is that happening?

I work with FontLab 5.0.4 :)

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Look at the Font UPM Value and Most Important Font Dimensions dialog boxes: something is rotten in the state of Denmark...

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I don't know, I've tried setting much higher UPM size [it should be 2048], up to 3000 or 4000 but it doesn't work :/ But also I would like to ask if the UPM size sould be 2000 if my caps height is 2000 or it should be much higher and how much? As the 'tallest' character or?

Thanks for the reply

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I think this topic was addressed here once, but I'm not sure where or how to find it. Where I work there are a few fonts that do this. They were fine while we were still using Freehand, but after switching to Illustrator things behaved differently.

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Don't you have a glyph much taller than others? It may be a regular glyph with a lost vector above or bellow it.

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Check your Ascender and Descender values and double check that you don't have any stray elements that might be auto generating such an extreme default auto leading value. I like working with UPM at 2000 and depending on the type, Caps height somewhere around 1200-1600 with Ascenders/Descenders and x height set accordingly.

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