Baskerville Smackdown!

Has anyone on Typophile ever proposed a proper smackdown between the complete Baskerville systems of Emigre and StormType?

(It has only come onto my radar because of a small upcoming identity project for an English antiques gallery for whom Baskerville would be an obvious choice. They have a small range of print, web, and signage materials to recreate...)

Anyone want to weigh in on the pros/cons of using both complete systems for print, 3D, and web applications?


In the Emigre corner, we have four challengers:
1. Mrs Eaves OpenType
2. Mrs Eaves XL OpenType
3. Mr Eaves Sans OpenType
4. Mr Eaves XL Sans OpenType

In the StormType corner, we have two challengers:
1. Baskerville Original Pro (includes 120 and 10 sizes)
2. John Sans 2009
Both are contained in the Baskerville Sans & Serif Package
Now, we only want a clean fight......and......DING!

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Nevermind, this topic really isn’t worth.

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If you're going to be setting more than a few lines of copy, use Storm's. Mrs. Eaves doesn't work for text — in either size. Wish there was a Mrs Eaves M.

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