Snail Skin

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There are a few place holders in there that I plan on revising but general comments and critiques welcomed.

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Seems like a nice concept, overall... and a lot of work! Some things I noticed:

- c and e could be more differentiated.
- b and d could be unique designs as opposed to mirrored versions of each other; same with p and q.
- r and m aren't doing it for me; I think they might look nicer with a stem on the left similar to what you have on n.

Other than that I think it's very interesting. I like how you "filled in" all of the counters while maintaining its legibility. Will there be capitals?

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I'm considering adding numbers and maybe some puncuation but an upper case as well...that would be a whole other mountain, maybe in the future.

I agree with all your feedback wongxiao, but the problem is besides the c and e, I don't really have an approach in mind for the b and d (maybe a just a slight variation might do it) or for the p and q either.

I want this font to maintain a certain illustrated font look to it so I definitely want uniqueness to each letter, that is why I agree that the c,e,b,d,p, and q need to examined. However, I'm kind of weary to put a stem on the m and r cause it might begin to look formulaic with the letters.

You're right, this font has been alot of work, and working these last letters out is quite a challenge. Its like running a long marathon only to find a steep hill as you approach the finish.

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The r is ambiguous. It could be mistaken for s or e in some contexts. This could be solved with a stem, but I think the real problem is the way you've curled the vertical under. I would redraw the r while looking at f as a positive example.

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Made changes on many of the letters suggested. I'm still open critiques. I'm probably still going to touch up the r more since I pretty much borrowed it from the m. I changed the b and d, I borrowed the q from the b, which I don't mind cause the q is going to be minimally used, I might change a little on the inside though just to try give each character a unique touch.

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