The processes of type design

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I've been eager to join this forum. This has been a really helpful source of information for the last years.

I am trying to find a book about type design focusing on the process of designing a font. That is, since the catalyst or the idea, to the first primitive sketches, through the processes of adjusting and choosing the best forms for specific letters, designing alternates, etc. I am more interested in understanding how type designers "think" than the results they achieve.

Can any one point me in some direction?
After a quick search, I couldn't find any reference to such a book in Typophile. If this is a repost, I apologise.

Thank you!

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Leslie Cabarga's first book is a bit like that and Adrian Frutiger's Complete Works gives insight but I can't think of one single programatic "soup to nuts" book

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I think you could gather more responses on the "General discussions" or "Education" forums.

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Thank you for your replies.
Adrian Frutiger's Complete Works seems like a great source.

Should I repeat this thread in the appropriate forum, or could a moderator please move is there?

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