(x) Moon corporate identity typeface - handwitten, various alternatives {Mike Y, Craig E}

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Hello everyone!!!

I´m looking for a similar font like the one on the image. Can anyone give me a hint?


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The white lettering on black seems hand-written. The duplicate letters are different everywhere you look. Apparently the pattern repeats somewhere, but the original version was all hand-lettered.

- Mike Yanega

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Thanks a lot Mike!!! Do you know any typeface with this charcoal/brush characteristics?

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It seems a nice collection!!! I will have a closer look and see if I can find one that suits the project (restaurant identity) that I´m working on.

Thanks eliason!!!

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You're welcome!

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Actually I´ve found a new typeface designed by Neil Summerour. It´s called Fugu and it was just what I was looking for.

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