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I am building a booklet at work and am having fits getting my pagination the way I would like it.

I am working in InDesign CS3. I have applied special character page numbers to the A-Master pages. I have applied a separate master page to the front and back cover, so they are not counted in the pagination.

After the cover, the first two pages (the first spread) of the booklet is the table of contents. I want the pagination to begin on the page after the table of contents. So, I have applied the table of contents pages to the same master page as the cover. The page numbering begins on the page after the table of contents. This is all good.

My problem is this: When the page numbers actually start, they start with the number "4" instead of the number "1." In essence, I would like page 1 to start on what is actually page 4 of the document. But I can't seem to find the function for this.

I hope I explained that clearly. I'm sure it could be more concise, my apologies! Does anyone have a solution for this? Save going in and editing each page number manually?


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You should edit the Numbering & section options in the Pages tab.

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As Frode said.

You might also consider starting "1" on a recto (right hand page). It's traditional that even numbers are on the left hand page, odd numbers on the right. If the contents is on a recto (say page iii), let page iv be blank and begin your text (page 1) on the facing page. Alternatively, if you can't afford a blank, start the very first page as Arabic 1 -- no law about beginning with Roman numerals.

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Ah yes. Both pieces of advice made a complete solution.

Thank you!

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