How to add glyphs

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I know how to rename a glyph, but I don't know how to add more? ( I need to have 400 glyphs)


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If you are speaking about FontLab then you can create new glyphs just by double-clicking the empty grey cells in the font window. Or select grey cells and choose the Reset command in the Glyph menu.


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Tina -

Seeing as you mention 400 glyphs, I'm assuming you're adding
around 150 new glyphs that don't currently exist in the file.

The easiest way to accomplish this is by pasting empty
glyph cells from another font. After activating, selecting and copying them,
append the glyphs to your desired font by right clicking and selecting
"Append". This will add the empty cells to your font. You will
then need to name them appropriately.

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The best method is to use FontLab's 'Generate Glyphs' function. You can paste a list of glyph names into the Generate Glyphs dialogue panel, and these will be added to the font as blank glyphs.

If you simply want to create empty cells into which to add new glyphs, you can create/edit the .enc file for the font, which is stored in the FontLab/Encoding folder.

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Ahhhh....Thank you guys!!!

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