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Ive been looking at this so long that its jumping from close to perfect to completely off, would really appreciate some helpful tips.

Its Franklin Gothic, extra condensed with tracking -25,

Thanks alot

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Also, im doing my kerning in InDesign, but after I need to bring the finished type into illustrator so I can do an effect with the paths.

My question is, what is the best way to bring this text into Illustrator without illustrator slightly changing the kerning?

Im going to covert to outlines in illustrator so should i just do all my kerning in illustrator and forget about InDesign?


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Create outlines in InDesign - then paste into Illustrator.

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The space between the "NNE" in "JOANNE" isn't the same. This should obviously be consistent.

"HYNES" needs work. The left corner of the "Y" has space (which looks good) and the space on the right is touching. The "E" needs to be a little bit further from the "S" and the same distance from the "N" as in "JOANNE."

Why aren't you just doing this in Illustrator in the first place?

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Thanks everybody, Steven your right, I should have created it in illustrator in the first place, which I did with this version.

How do you think it looks now?


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It can sometimes be useful to look just at the shapes formed between letters:

It's subjective, but I'd say that the Y should be closer to the H and N (maybe even touching) to minimize those large spaces with the goal being to make them all have similar visual weight.

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Other than that, it's lookin pretty good.

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Thanks everyone, much appreciated.

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Ok so I know you got all the feedback, which is great! So I was just wondering why, you wouldn't first work the font and changes in illustrator and then take it into InDesign?

that's how I would do it, InDesign after all is only a layout programme...

Just my 2 cents!

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