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Hey everyone,

I just got my business cards back today, and wanted to see what everyone thinks. I'm thinking my next run will be done on some brighter papers to add a little something. What do you think?


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Nice and simple. I like!

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nice one.


that is a manky thumb too


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yes, they are pressed. mainly because there is a very local letter press shop (two/three blocks away). they gave me 350+ cards for around $100.00.

@ratbaggy — I bite my nails too much. :)

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@nails: naughty naughty boy... ;)

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I live right down the street from me! Looks good, where did you print them at?

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Agreed. Do they do out-of-state? I need to get some cards pressed but I don't have much monies.

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Well done. As a minimalist and functionalist I would recommend the following:

1. Use a consistent baseline grid throug out
2. Letterspace the caps ever so slightly
3. Tighten the top margin by a few points
4. Try it without the line

Kerning would be worth investigating, but that's rapidly approaching the law of diminishing returns (good enough is good enough).

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Hello There:

The hyphens needed to have been baseline shifted upwards to align with the midline of the numerals (for instance, the “waist” of the number 8).

Other than that—it’s truly lovely.

Please post the name of the printer from which you got such a fabulous deal on letterpress.

Mike Diaz :-)

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