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I'm typesetting a schedule of events for a client.

The schedule table is made up of three columns of information: the time range, the event name, and the location. My question is about how best to set the ranges of time in the first column.

Should the numerals in the ranges of time align vertically? Or is vertical alignment not a desirable goal because the information isn't meant to be compared or contrasted?

I've attached two samples. In the first, I've aligned the numerals vertically because I think it makes it a bit more readable. In the second, however, it's more challenging to achieve a vertical alignment. I think the only way to do so would be to add more white space following the en dashes in all of the time ranges except for the one with "11:00 am." And I think that added white space looks bad.

Any thoughts or suggestions? Would you not worry about vertical alignment with this type of information?

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I'd probably set 3 tabs -- 1) an "align on" tab set to align the colons in the first column, 2) a tab for the dash, and 3) another "align on" tab to align the colons in the second column.

> And I think that added white space looks bad

Tighten the kerning between the first two digits of "11:00". That will make the 2-digit hour closer in width to the one-digit hours.

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Great suggestions. I'll give that a shot. Thanks!

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