Looking for something to work with Dolly

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Hi all,

I'm currently working on a book of short fiction using Underware's splendid Dolly as the main typeface. While I don't mind it at larger sizes, I'm after something to compliment it for both story titles, and the book title as used on the cover.

I've got no real requirements other than something with plenty of character, and perhaps some stronger/harsher lines to contrast with Dolly's multitude of curves.

All thoughts/suggestions welcome!


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Because of your description, i'm thinking of the genre american grotesque in general.
Feliciano made some powerful grots with the right amount of boldness and slickness without being too modernish, revivalist or novelty –
Have a look at Flama*, Grotzec, Morgan**.
*with a nice semi-condensed
**with nice condensed weights

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Thanks poms! Flama is a great call.

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Use a great modern sans serif for contrast.


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