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The United Nations is hosting Wolrd Enviroment Day in San Francisco in 2005.

Its theme is; World Cities: Where the future lives.

I guess through my teacher they are going to pick a poster from my class that will be plastered throughout the city next year. This concept is the one that my class picked for me out of the three that I showed them. I am not sure it says what the title says. What do yall think? Do you think I should try to come up with another idea. I would really want to take advantage of this situation.

btw I have another idea i never photographed it because I thought it might be hard to execute

It was to have a robot and women (mother earth) shaking hands it would only feature their hands close up and it would show that we are going to make a commitment to the future to improve our cities.

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Gregory, I find the skyline shilohette upside down disturbing and unnessary. I'm from Manhattan and skyline shilos bother me since 9/11. Next the photo looks like the aftermath of a nuclear explosion. No buildings, no people, no animals, just leaves not growing up but strewed along a (barren airport?). Hardly what I would like to experience in an urban green environment.

What I suggest is show positive aspects of new urban living. Wind fans generating electricity, parks, people planting trees on urban streets, public transportation. If you can do something abstract try emulating the 60s poster approach like a flower sticking out of a power plant smoke stack.

Finally, you have "World Environment Day" but no date. You have to have a date. Investigate another typeface for "Green Cities" too much Gill Sans for my taste. "Where the future lives" doesn't mean anything. "Where our future lives" is somewhat better but need explaination and you have plenity of room on a poster to do it. Does the poster want someone to do something or just know the day exists. If its proactive have contact information, phone numbers

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hey daniel,

your right! I do need to focus on the positive aspects of new urban living.

I really dislike this idea but i feel stuck, you just gave me the push i needed. I will update some ideas by the middle of next week.

just so you know Green Cities: Where the future lives. is the theme , United Nations, picked for the conference. I fogot to mention that I didnt put the date or web addy for people to contact.

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Gregory, one more thought. When you fly a flag upside down it mean distress. That the feeling I get from the Shilohette skyline

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how about this new direction?

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Nice and bright.

Just one thing: make the butterflies and bugs go towards the city, not run the hell away from it.


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good idea thanks

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Heres more detail in the city and i opened up the type on the bottom right!

I also took your advice and have them going towards the city.

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Gregory, nice work! Try one thing try making the city skyline a brighter green and lighten the sun sky. One question what does the circle arrow mean? Last thought flush left the date and website to San Francisco.

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I like the very first one better. It may not be "on message" as other people pointed out, but it's more interesting to me.

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thnx for the feedback.

John: its funny because everyone ive shown the first one too said they liked it but when I tell them I feel like it has no meaning to me, they still say they like it . Maybe I should have developed it or tried to make a concept out of it, but I decided to move on.

Daniel: the arrow is supposed to represent a cycle. I wanted to show that the city is a cycle. Similar to the cycle in research and development. Constantly trying things and then when they dont work, you try them again. I guess I was trying to address the technology part. Iam unsure that it reads right; and now that you have questioned it. I may take it out. I will see what I can do with the colors. This is due soon and I need to send it to the printer. Thnx for your advice!

Overall iam bummed on the outcome! I like the new direction better. I learned from this process that communication is hard. I usually dont get most posters or design and as a result its hard for me to communicate to others. Ive had some more simple ideas but i didnt think they were fresh or visual compelling which a poster is supposed to be. In general book covers and posters are hard for me. I am starting to realize my interests are identity and typoghraphy.

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gregory ... a few things stands out as needing work,
if you indeed keep your current layout.

* the butterflies are detailed and correct, shapewise,
while the ladybug is a simple circle, rather than its true shape.

* I expected to see more GREEN in the design, but it feels
more like something for a Ciudad del Sol, than Green City.

* the word cities is kind of a strange, when it sits
by itself. I think you can do something better with cities
than Scriptina out of the box. Take a look at:

- the i-t-i combination. There is a possibility for some
life here.
- extending the s with a longer finishing stroke.
- the t swash that gets too close to the e.

If you sketch some letterforms on a piece of paper,
you'll see that your hand can create something better
than what you have. Sketching is a good thing...
Or get a calligraphy pen at
an art store and write on a napkin ... the ink bleed is beautiful.


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don't abandon the first idea. it's more captivating. the huge yellow mass is not exciting me.

but if you must,
--take some white out of the pink butterfly--make it a little darker than yellow background.

--GREEN and 'cities' needs help. i almost like your first approach better, where there wasn't any strong contrast between the words. also, mixed case Gill Sans is friendlier than the all caps you switched to.

--bj is right, the ladybug cartoon doesn't fit in with the butterflies.

--try switching yellow and green.

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thnx bj and loren for your additional comments.

Unfortunately I got sick and didnt do much to the last version and turned it in.

The actual critique was really bad and I dont think one positive thing was said about my peice. I guess I was trying to take a risk with this peice because my teacher is always saying that I try to be to safe with my typography.

Graphic design is hard!

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