Help. Looking for font to go with this ...

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I can not find a font to fit with this logo.

The font needs to be more classic not modern.
Thank you for suggestions and ideas.

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Engravers' Gothic

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What do you think ?

Can it be more classic ?

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It should match exactly, or there should be sufficient contrast.

A close match: Beaufort Extended

Plenty of contrast: Craw Modern (Letterspaced.)
This would work well with the logo gold embossed.
("Modern" in this context means "Didone", not recent times.)

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How about this great new sans serif release "Contax Pro".

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Thank you for the suggestions and ideas. This is the result.
Do you like anything ?

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#4, but I'd decrease the size of the logotype. And I might consider spacing it a bit.

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Well yes.
I gave a couple of recommendations based on the layout shown originally, not the one subsequently shown -- which apart from type choice has an issue with not "squaring off" nicely.

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I really like the Sans-Serif you've chose but I feel as if something is still a tad off. It's probably the size and position of the logotype. I feel there is not much of a rhythm between the two elements. Perhaps give the logotype some more personality by playing around with it in terms of position and letter spacing etc. Would you mind if I asked you what this logo is for, it's very interesting.

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I am glad you asked. The logo is for a chandelier manufacturer -
They design and produce custom made chandeliers. The logo will be reproduced on some brass parts with engravoing and it must be simple.

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