Font to fit with this ?

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I can not find a font to fit with this logo.

The font needs to be more classic not modern.
Thank you for suggestions and ideas.

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If you just want to spell out the name/service, why not go with one of the classics?

PS> have you now decided to design the logo for your company yourself?

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What do you think ?

Can it be more classic ? Any suggestion ?

ps. Yes we are trying to come up with a logo. In Romania spending money on a logo is out of the question now.
We should be happy to have a company to fit a logo.

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I like the match you have. Of course the font reminds me of Copperplate and that might be a good complement as well...

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Is the logo not based on Newtext? Why not use that?

- Lex

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I have already tried it with Newtext. I relay appreciate you spend time to help.
Don't you think is better to have a different font.

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I much prefer the contrasting sans serif. But not really happy about the relationship between mark & name - explore!

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I will move this thread to the ‘Design’ forum, as this is not really about Type ID.

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1. Do you mean positioning text/logo. (size, ...)
2. You do not like the logo ?

Thank you.

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I also think contrast would work better. I like the sans you used. My critique would be that the dot in the logo without a space looks a bit awkward, it probably should make it more recognisable, but I think it distracts and makes it harder to read. Maybe you could try a version without the dot? About the font: I think with the sans the whole thing gets a kind of art-deco flavour. Is this appropriate for you? Somthing slightly less extended might work better, or at least make it more contemporary. Something like Freight sans or Alright sans, perhaps.

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How about this great new sans serif 'Contax Pro".

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