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Hi all,

I need to have the script font in the attached identified. Client thought it was Vista italic and that appears from web search to be a system font for Windows Vista. I am on a MAC. Can anyone recommend a similar font. It doesn't have to be exact.


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It's Monotype Corsiva:

You should have some similar Chancery already installed on your system.

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Thanks so much. I have Monotype Corsiva. I have so many fonts from the previous designer it takes forever to go through them all.I knew I had seen it before but just couldn't find it in my font manager.

Thanks again!

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I should have also asked what the san serif font was. It's like the name is on the tip of my brain but eludes me. The ampersand is very distinctive.

I need help again. Rush deadlines are killing me!

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Just figure out the san serif is California Gotesk Black. Thanks to all.

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