Custom serif for vintage shop

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Logotype for a small vintage clothing shop. Targeted largely to women, the client wanted a type-driven identity. The inventory is hand-picked vintage and sells to a trendy audience. After a bunch of cycles on numerous customized typefaces, we've centered at this direction. Some subtle things like the terminals, the 'e','r' and 'p' giving it a more character, I wanted a little old-style reference w/out being blatant, e.g. using a historical type.

You'll probably never guess what type I started with... :)

Would love any/all thoughts, thanks!

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Updated 'e', kinda liking this better.

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I like it, but to me it doesn't really say vintage. Just judging by the type I would say it was a lingerie or luxury female clothing store. I don't know if this is a problem. I think the vintage idea could be reinforced by the materials and colours you use. Go for natural materials, I would say, and stay away from metal or glass. Just my 5 cents... :=)

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to me, the type seems too wide for a clothing shop, wide type communicates oversize cloths, even though it’s rather light. Putting it in one line reinforces this impression and makes it harder to read it as a whole, as a coherent entity. And right now, it seems a little bit too austere to me

Here are my suggestions:

- try putting it in two lines

- if you don’t want to make it more condensed, try to reduce the x-height (or rather enlarge the /S/’s and the ascenders. Why not try a little more playful solution for the /S/’s? Maybe even some swirls?

- to me the (upper) terminal on /c/ and in particular on /r/ could use some more volume (when you change the /c/-terminal you would have to change the upper /S/-terminal as well)

- the upper terminals on /S/ and /c/ could use a little ‘curl’ (see the left terminal of your /S/)


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For sure, I'm wanting to letterpress business cards on a nice stock, probably not going as far as a cream or eggshell color, but 'craft' will definitely be a part of the look.


I don't know if the width for me connotes oversize clothes, extended type is extremely common in high-end fashion brands. Good feedback on the terminals, and that Flickr group is absolutely awesome, would love for this logo to feel like it could fit in with those old labels.

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Agreed on the width, condensed it and thickened a few of the terminals, this feels a lot better..

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Your /S/’s seem to be leaning backwards.
This looks much better alltogether, the terminals are way better IMHO.
You might want to focus more on the ‘vintage feel’, though. I think an even lower x-height might help (for proportions see e.g. )
Did you try to put /Shop/ beneath?

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