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I'm doing a logo for a printing, graphic art company. How does it go?

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It seems as if there are two separate identities going on here. The CMY blocks don't work for me (they remind me too much of the BeOS generic app icon), but the treatments with the 3 are nice.

I like 2 and 3 best (without the blocks, that is).

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If you're going to use a 'fake' cursive handwriting typeface, be sure to make all the connections actually connect between letterforms.

However, I'm not sure if handwriting really is indicative of printing, though.

As for the blocks, they don't seem necessary. I'd just drop them.

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thanks, you're right. I will avoid handwriting and drop the blocks. I' ve tried a few plain draws to represent printing job

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The logos are looking much stronger. The second design from the bottom is by far the most resolved solution so far. The others still contain too many elements: the bars/circles, "graphic", 3, the black box, and artes graficas. Even though the "graphic 3" is working as a unit, the contrast you offer between the letterforms and the number (successfully in the latest versions with the red 3) distinguishes these elements from each other. If you can't leave the illustrative element (bars/circles) behind, then i think you will need to pull the Graphic and 3 together in the same typeface to make it work.

As it stands, the design without bars/circles has the two extremely characteristic moments of the A missing it's bar and the 3. They work well together playing angle off with curve, and pulling out the angles within the 3. My only suggestion here would be making the weight of the 3 a little heavier to push the contrast with the weight of the tall condensed letterforms. They might be just a bit too close in weight right now.

Whever you move on from here, I think you need to pay more attention to the "artes graficas". It feels a little default.

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What about the relationship of the number three with the actual symbol. For sure because it's artes graficas, we would have CMYK there...

The second round is looking nice... but I think you lost the relationship between 3 and the symbol, though there are beautiful marks and the interpretation of CMYK is really elegant.

Visually i like the A without the crossbar, though I'd think if that doesn't seem like a "printing mistake". Not sure...

But this direction is looking pretty good

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The treatment of "graphic" and "3" in the second and third logos (of the most recent group) are very pleasing. Again, I think the typography alone is elegant, and I would lose the lines and circles. Keep it simple.

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Gian if you must use a graphic representation of 4 color printing, take a photo thats printed and blow up a portion of it until you see only dots. See if you get something pleasing from that.

I personally prefer type logos only. I know what printers do and don't have time for gimics. I want my print jobs clean, crisp, professional and on time. Also the printing industry is now more than just process printing so they might not want to piegon-holed by such a restrictive mark.

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Thanks for your suggestions and explanations. I've turned into a cleaner treatment, playing only with typo. I like futura on second and third, but, as explains daniel, I think the tall letters give a more clean, direct and professional impress.

cmyk representation will be used for cards and papers work.

is now artes graficas in a correct position?

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"artes graficas" is invisible. Is it significant to this business' title? If so, then it needs to have more substance. It might be as simple as increasing the type weight and/or size.


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artes graficas means graphic art, printing... I didn't want to give it many significance in the draw, just to clear up what kind of company is about. I can even get rid of it, and try to replace it with a simple visual that would say the same thing and even reach the mind quicker.

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new alignment

small changes, tried to integrate artes graficas to the rest of the logo.

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I'm not sure about the letterspacing, but the simple square bullet is working for me.

If you must include CMYK references, perhaps just use that as an additional part of the business system, but not explicitly part of the logo lock-up. (that said, I don't think the CMYK reference is necessary.)

Nice job.

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