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Hi, I am new to the Typophile community, nice to meet you all!
I have been working on a logo for a company named AC Wireless yesterday and i would like some feedback on what you think of it. Do u like the design of the logo, any suggestions are welcome.
For the name of the company, i have not started on making a unique logotype for it and so i just used the fonts that are installed on my computer. What do u think of the font choices, which is the best out of the three? Should i use another font instead?
Please give comments, thank you!
Here is the logo design with type

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You're going to want to use something less ubiquitous than Arial or Verdana. Also, what is the hash mark for in the name?

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Hey, thanks Darrel, u are the first to respond.
Yeah, i do want to use other fonts, however, i can't get ATM Delux to work after i installed OSX..
I will take the harsh mark out. =P

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miu_miu, you are not going to be able to use ATM any more, it doesn't
work in OS X. You will have to manage your fonts by hand or get
another font management utility, like FontAgent Pro, Suitcase, or Font Reserve.

Do a search in the Forums, there has been a recent thread on the subject.

Good luck!

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i have found the thread on that matter, thanks jes de Francisco, i will look into another font management utility shortly.

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In the mean while, i would like to know if it's possible to use the fonts in ATM delux, is there a way to move them out and hand manage some of it on OS X?

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Apple has a pdf on the subject.

You can, basically, drop your fonts in the fonts folder inside users>name of user>library

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I like the fact that you are using one color. But are you certain you always want to have the text reversed?? Also, try to give the logo a bit more character, a little less generic. It really reminds me of a pair of old airwalks I had circa 1989 (the enclosed "A" logo, not to be confused with airwalk's shoestring man).
I geuss what Im trying to say is, I want to see the logo and have a sense of technology, or mobility, or freedom (wireless).
Can you explain why you are using the encircled A? What factors about the company, or their product, or the feelings their products gives you when you use them led you to arrive at this conclusion--
Communicate to me why I should use that company too. Right now: mashed potato sandwich.

and say no to hash

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