Sans-serif Belwe lookalike needed!

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Hey there,

I am currently looking for a font that has a similar Art-Nouveau feel as the Belwe font. This means that it needs irregular sized B and A. I think this is called a high and low axis?
Anyay we love Belwe but would actually like it to be a sans-serif. The shapes in this font are supernice but it is a bit too romatic with all the serifs.
Does somebody know a sans-serif which relates to this font?

Thank you for the help!

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ITC Benguiat Gothic

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Try Heroine by Goran Söderström.

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It should be even more modern or grotesque, but with edgyness. Thanks for the answers!

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It's the farthest thing from Art Nouveau, but maybe something like Neutraface is what you're looking for?

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