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Is anyone familiar with this type?

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Antonio, thank you so much. This was my first time using this service, and, honestly, I didn't think that I would receive an answer and so, quickly...that was very fast. As far as I'm concerned Antonio, you're the "King" of fonts. Thank you, again!!!

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Typophile is not a service. We’re just a bunch of guys and gals who care about type, and also happen to know quite a lot about it.

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Is there anything out there that resembles the font of the preamble of the US Constitution, "We the People". Already tried: Edwardian, Jefferson and Old English (recommended through another source) but these don't even come compare.

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@Incense01: Take a look at P22.com They have a set of fonts based on the Constitution, if I recall correctly.

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Good, that will work. Thanks bert_vanderveen for the reference, and thank you Antonio for the link:)

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