What san serif would go with Narziss by Hubert Jocham?

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Hi Typophiles!

I have used the font Narziss (which I LOVE) by Hubert Jocham. He is great!

I was wondering if anyone had any ideas on what would be a nice sans serif to use in conjunction? I would like a simple, classic looking one but i'm stuck...

So I thought I'd ask the experts : )

Any suggestions would be much appreciated


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I wouldn't like this suggestion, but looking at it I get that Helvetica might work.

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Ha, yes I tried this (even though I did want to avoid it). The 'O' is too round, I think I would like to find something with similar proportions and x-height. Thank you for the suggestion though ; )

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If you’re not going with one of Hubert’s sanserifs you can have a look here. I’m thinking of the last one in the row in particular.

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Hum… I'm not sure what you meant, renkceurb. If you're talking about Narziss being a bit condensed-looking you might have to consider that that's only because it can afford to, since it's a display face. Something with similar structure but for smaller sizes usually has to be a bit more open. Not that I know exactly what I'm talking about. :P
But classics, what about Univers, Akzidenz Grotesk, or even, further away, Gill or Syntax? Maybe Flama or Bau; the latter would be my favourite, I think. There's also Preface. I think all of those share something with Narziss…

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Thanks Ruben, I ended up settling on an old classic (Akzidenz Grotesk), which I haven't used in a long time. I was just wondering if anyone had used Narziss and what they teamed it with.

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Well, I tried. :P You're welcome. :)

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