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While I was in Prague, one of the first things that I noticed was this:
oskar logo
Oskar is the Vodafone subsidiary in the Czech Republic. On first glance, I thought that this was quite a cool logo; I'm not sure if "oskar" is written in a custom typeface, or if it is set in a FontShop variation on Dax, but no matter

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The font is Barmeno Regular.

Whats with the quip at the bottom of your post? If you have a problem with Richard write to him.

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I certainly don't have a problem with Richard! I put this little P.S. in my post because he told me in Prague about two separate instances of his fonts being used used in the corporate identities of large companies who weren't registered with P22. And since I saw this logo in Prague, too, I thought that it was an interesting cororally, even though it deals with a different issue.

I wasn't suggesting that Barmeno was a P22 font. I was assuming, from its style, that it might be from FSI. I wasn't too far off, since it is from Berthold (as I just found out), and therefore German.

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>> Do you think that the Oskar logo was "inspired" by the Hasbro logo?
No. This idea is everywhere. Off the top of my head: http://www.designinteract.com/features/hellodesign/

>> Is this too close for comfort?
Again no. Conceptually it's very close. The execution is not nearly as close as any of the above.

>> Would you do something like this?
Now that you mention it, no. Not because it's not a good idea, all of the logos above are well executed IMHO. It's just one of those ideas that you think to yourself *genius* only to discover you've reinvented the wheel. Acutally, I might do something like this. The above happens to me at least once in every project. You don't always have a large perspective on your own work, especially when you work by yourself!

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Yeah, I know what you mean

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With a world population over 6 thousand million I wouldn

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