Library looking for critiques/comments

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We are a university library looking to create some logos for each department within the library. I'd love to get some feedback from you all. Thanks!

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Try ampersands instead of that small caps treatment for the 'AND's.

The spacing between the '|' and the words on the right seems inconsistent between each iteration. I would also increase the amount of space between the '|' and the stuff on either side.

The letter spacing in combination with the condensed face makes it look like a monospaced font. I might reduce the tracking a bit.


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I'd go for a lighter weight of type for the departmental names, whose stroke weight is near as possible to the heavy strokes of "TEXAS".

I'd also thicken up the dividing rule a little.

At the moment there's not a strong relationship between the left and right sides.

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I agree with what the others have said, and I would also make the vertical rule the same height as the logo on the left. If you reduce the tracking on the right side, you can make those words bigger too, making them line up with the top and bottom of the left side and the rule. This will unify everything a little nicer.

- Lex

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At the moment there's not a strong relationship between the left and right sides.


I'm presuming the logo and lock up (on the left) can't be 'touched' ... it feels pretty dated.

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You're right about the logo on the left being beyond our control. I secretly find it hilarious that you find it "dated" since they just came out with it a few months ago as a "freshing" of the "old" logo which was only a couple of years old. You can see the old logo at the top of the library's current page:

Thanks to all for the comments. Others are still welcome.

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