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Hi everyone,

I would really appreciate some help/advise with the kerning on this logo. I always have trouble kerning capital letter. My main issue is with anly letter with a diagonal line in i, so the 'A's, 'V' and 'W'.

Thank you very much in advance.


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The "O" is a little bit uneven on both sides. The "A" in LAW could be moved to the right a bit a TEENY bit further from the "L" and closer to the "W". The second "A" of CANVAS could be kerned a little closer to the "V" maybe.

Other than that, it looks fine.

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Agree w/ Steven. Also first A needs to sit closer to N.

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I know you didn't ask for more than kerning advice, but I'm in an analytical mood, so feel free to ignore my observations....but...the logo and logotype don't seem at all connected. IMHO, this is a much larger problem than the kerning. The two styles conflict and there is no relationship between them - they compete with each other. Some of the conflict is scale and placement, but I wouldn't bother fixing that until the styles are harmonious.

The logo? Could be for a TV station. The logotype? A cabinetmaker. Who/what is this logo for?

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Hi Alaskan,

Thank you for your input. I do appreciate it. I agree with what you're saying actually. The client chose this type for the logo from about 5 while looking at it on an iPhone so the type looked a lot cleaner. I'd forgotten this font had a weird texture to until I put it up here. (TBH I was starting to think I need to go back and find another font)

Let me tell you a bit about Thom; he used to be a graffiti artist until a few years ago he stopped. He's now working as a voluntary Special constable but on the side he does portraits on canvases for people. Keeping with his graffiti root's he does them in a stencil/Banksy style. He needed a logo and brand.

Thom wanted a marque that could become recognisable without text. We spent quite a while coming up with different ideas. Eventually we landed on what you see above. We where steering away from the obvious stencil/graffiti connotations. What you see above is a more clean cut sticker graffiti vibe. It can be used as a nice clean vector or can be stenciled on the back of his canvases.

I've been trying to find the perfect font for over a week now. As you can see the marque is BOLD and I need a font that will sit comfortably with that. Do you have any suggestions? I was using Gotham Ultra.


P.S. I laughed out loud when you suggested cabinetmaker!

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I did notice the disconnect as well, but I figured at this point you would have had a reason for that. :)

I'd say just make your own outlines of the current type, and draw your own version of each letter in illustrator. This way you can have the same letterforms but get rid of the texture.

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Similar fonts without rough outlines:

Futura (Extra bold)
Proxima Nova (Black)
Drescher Grotesk (Bold)
Nobel (Black)
Dez Boulder (Ego)
Interstate (Ultra Black)

- Lex

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Thank you for the help guys!

I actually decided to go back to Gotham as it has a really similar letterform to the font I used above but with a MUCH sharper look to it.

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