Looking for a sans serif for a personal web project

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Hey everyone,

I decided to rework the visual system of a personal web project of mine from scratch, and am having problems deciding on a new logoface for it. Right now I'm just using Helvetica, but I'm looking for something with the same sturdiness and transparency, but a little more playfulness and character. The site focus is images and video, so the interface, and ultimately the visual system as a whole, should disappear when it needs to.

The site is social, and this would pretty much be the logotype.

I'm kind of liking Brauer Neue, but I know that I can do better. I was hoping someone might have some suggestions. Already went through a few foundries websites and came up with nothing.

Thanks a lot!

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Maybe antique olive?

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Hmm, if you want something in the general direction of Helvetica but fresh and not as tired – how about Breuer* maybe? (There's also a Headline variant.) Or Paralucent? Warmer / less tech-y: National? If you want less quirky and more geometric/clean, maybe look at Graphik, and Founder's Grotesk.

These are just a few that popped into my mind, there are many more…
Maybe also look at the Helvetica Alternatives Fontlist over at FontShop.
(* Be sure to read the EULA, IIRC Typetrust requires special licenses for logos and such.)

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Looks like I'm going with Breuer. What a gorgeous face. Thanks a lot, nina!

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Ah, you're welcome! I like it a lot too.

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Forget about 'Helvetica'. Look out 'Univers'. Contax Pro is the new geometric sans typeface series for the 21st century.


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