glyph infos in Fontlab. Where did they go ?

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I lose my infos in the top of the glyph window and don't know where to go to get it back. Any help would be much appreciate :)
Here is a picture where I circled the infos zone I am talking about.

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[The Build forum would be a better place for this kind of question.]

That's the meter panel. First open FL options (Ctrl+F10 on Windows) and confirm that the ‘Show meter panel when Meter tool is activated’ option is checked in the Glyph Window pane. Then activate the ‘Meter Mode’ measuring tool in the Glyph window (Alt+4 in Windows version), and this info panel will be displayed. It should then remain displayed even when you switch to other tools.

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There's also a tiny "Toggle meter panel" button with an I-beam icon in the bottom left corner of the glyph window, nestled between the padlock (keyboard input) and zoom menu.

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Thanks I found the tiny meter panel. Everything back to place :)

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