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I have a client that would like to continue using a logo which was originally created using the free true type font (air millhouse italic) on a PC.
I work on a Mac and will need to use this logo for having his letterhead and business card printed.
Is there a converter to make that font postscript or should I use a program like illustrator to make a EPS image or photoshop to make a tiff image of that logo and then import it in quark?
I would appreciate any advice.

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You can read the PC font into a typeface editor like Fontographer and then re output as a Mac font. If you don't have such a utility it might be easier to make the logo into a vector file -- which it should probably be anyway.

There is also the possibility -- which I have encountered myself -- where the free font is actually a ripoff of a commercial font. Looking at this Air Millhouse, it looks awfully familiar. Does anyone recognize it? I bet it's a ripoff with a couple of cheesy alternate caps. If this is the case, it might be easier and/or more ethical to simply license the commercial version.

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Eww! This font is just bad. Do your client a favor and recommend a better font... perhaps one with less out-of-whack stroke contrast and curves that are under control.

Nothing personal Barbara, its just that can't see how your'll be able to create anything good for your client with a tool that is as bad as this one.

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Hmm.. Looks like a 'remixed' * version of 'Serpentine'.:

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Looks that is the one for Mountain Dew by Sharkshock Fonts. Why don't you ask them Barbara? Maybe they can help you if you can't solve the problem.

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David -- Serpentine my first thought as well, but I think Ignacio wins the cake.

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I agree with you I don't like the font either and my intention is to recommend something else but would like to be prepared if they still insist.
I haven't been able to find Ignacio.

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Ignacio is the guy who recommended the Mountain Dew font by Sharkshock fonts.

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Check "Windows To Mac TTF Converter 1.5 (50k)" at the bottom of the page.

I used it all the time ages ago* when I discovered that you could download free, "quality" fonts from the internet. I doubt it works in OS X, but if you can run classic you are set.

* Thankfully, I have now moved on to buying decent type.

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FontForge is a free software font editing tool that can also come in quite handy for converting between font formats.

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OS X supports PC TrueType. Use Illustrator to convert to outline.

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