(x) Need a 19th century/early 20th century Serif type. - various suggestions {Marc O, Robert T}


I am looking for a vintage looking typeface, similar to the one above. I am not worried about it being distressed, but want it to have an Victorian/early 20th century feel. Certainly serifed, and with similar line thicknesses (as seen on the A).

It doesn't have to be shadowed either, as can add that if required...

So far the closest I have found is: ITC Quorum BT, but am looking for more suitable options.

I maybe that I end up hand drawing it, but would like a base font to alter.

Any help, suggestions, or places to look(such as specific library's/books) would be great.

Thanks in advance.


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Should also add it is going to be a display face (for a logo), ideally in upper and lower case, with a few different cuts... this is in the ideal world, and accept that might not be possible!

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Check Letterhead Fonts, Jim Parkinson's work, or Font Bros. for starters. A search of MyFonts using the keyword "Victorian" will yield some options, too.

Letterhead: http://www.letterheadfonts.com/
Jim Parkinson: http://www.typedesign.com
Font Bros.: http://www.fontbros.com

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Look in the Dan Solo type catalogs

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Marcox- Thank you for the great links... Will digest them and let you know what I find. I love the letterheadfonts website especially.

Robert- I will search him out, thank you.

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Just a quick update- This ticks most of the boxes, might tweak a little, add swashes etc, but pretty darn good!


Cant download it till im back home, as I need to buy it when my IP address and my billing address match, which wont be for a month. Bit outdated, but guess its an anti piracy measure.

Thank you to you both.


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