(x) unknown geometric sans / 'Gartner Schiener Bau' - Bonn {Rainer}

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it is not Futura, nor Avenir. it is not Metro, nor Neutra. it is not Proxima Nova, no Gotham at all. what typeface is this?

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Looks like the custom font Bonn by Neville Brody for the Kunsthalle Bonn and the broadcasting station ORF (Austria)

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I thought it looked familiar Renko - is Sepp Forcher still on all the time?

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Hahaha, Sepp Forcher. I haven’t seen him for a long time, he has moved to the special interest channel »TW1« (ORF, too) but he is alive and kicking, I think.

P.S.: And I see from the Salzburgwiki that his original name is Giuseppe Forcher, as he was born in Rome. »If you are not careful you’ll learn something everyday«.

»Schöne Grüße« to your Wife from beautiful Salzburg.

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Mmmmh … how did this custom font end up there? As long as Bonn isn’t released as a retail font, they should better stick to their Futura.

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