Type 1 to Open Type--Will there be problems?

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In order to make my font collection easier to manage, I would like to convert some of my Type 1 fonts to Open Type. I have tested it on a few, and there don't seem to be any usability problems, but I'm wary anyway. Is it okay to do this from a technical standpoint (licensing issues aside)?

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It is okay, but don’t think, that this can be automatically done without problems, especially with regard to the internal font names. And dependent from the tool that you use (namely Fontlab Studio and TransType), you should ensure (options), that the hinting will not be changed. But without OT features, correct Unicode and sub styles of the same weight merged to one style I do not really see the sense in converting Type 1 to OpenType. And with regard to the features I don’t trust in the abilities of tools, to build them automatically. Converting fonts correctly can be very much work!

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Hmm, I see. I do have a tool to convert them automatically--this was more an issue of convenience for me than anything else. I guess I can test them as I go and just use backup files if I run into trouble. Thank you! :)

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