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I just completed a three month over haul of my entire web site. The learning curve was pretty strong, but I mucked my way through it. The biggest improvement is that I have e-commerce on the site now.

Previously, I didn't have a way to offer automatic downloads at my site. Customers would pay for a font with PayPal and then I would get an email letting me know the order was placed and that I needed to send the customer their font(s). Now, it's all automatic, so I don't need to be at my computer 24/7.

If you get a chance, stop by. I'd be interested in comments or suggestions for further improvements.

Rob Leuschke

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The front page is a disaster in Firefox and Safari—you’re breaking the HTML box model all over the place. There are misalignment and overlap problems all over the place in the menus. If you have a hard time with web design I recommend going with a CMS system like Indexhibit or Wordpress and just using a canned theme. You can setup a Wordpress site using a good commercial theme and throw in a store plugin without ever having to deal with any of the code yourself.

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Thanks, I'll look into it.

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This is how it appears on FF 3.6.3, OS X 10.6.3:

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Yeah, that's a pretty crazy site with ample use of dropshadow. Agree with suggestion about Indexhibit or Wordpress.

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I've made corrections to the code. Thanks for the screenshot. I use Safari and those issues weren't appearing.

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If you need help writing code that will behave correctly across browsers, feel free to contact me.

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Thanks Frode,

As it has probably become apparently, I know enough to be dangerous. Some of the things I have found are just plain strange. For example, I used Adobe Fireworks to create some menus. But when I checked the browser compatibility (which I should have done before I released the site), Fireworks had created code that simply was incompatible with most browsers. Other issues deal with the use of and attributes.

At any rate, thanks for the offer. I just need to work thru it, and learn in the process.... then I will be even more dangerous.

Oh, and Hozea Ngoh... thanks for the screen shot. It helped. My wife did a screen shot of a couple of pages as well from a computer she has at work, and now I realize how bad my web creation really is.

I'll get it working eventually. So thanks to every one who was kind with their comments. Time to get a clook into Indexhibit or Wordpress.


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WYSIWYG editors usually cause more problems than they solve. Hand coding is the only way to go. A functional drop down menu doesn’t take a lot of work, though.

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I dunno if you're still using a 800x600 resolution, but the site looks way to small. Even on my 1156x864 resolution. Windows' ClearType rendering causes the small text to be almost unreadable.
However your new features might be useful, I think the site has an old-fashioned feel and the colors doesn't match really. White background for the drop down menus doesn't work well either.

I'd also recommend WordPress with a nice template.

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I think I've worked out most of the kinks. If anyone sees something else I've missed, please let me know...

And thanks for all the helpful comments.


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