Fonts used for jerseys of national teams in South Africa

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Can someone analyze jersey of each national team in World Cup in South Africa, what fonts were used for numbers and last names on their backs?

I'm watching now game with Algiers against Slovenia and Algiers are using an font with bad metrics.

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They are using the same adidas kit as Spain, right?

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game with Algiers against Slovenia
Nice result :-)

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Oh, my bad I didn't say what font it was.
It's Unity, created by Yomar Augusto for adidas.

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No, Algeria aren't wearing Adidas, they're wearing a Puma kit. Puma are sponsoring some of the African nations in this World Cup. There's an article here which says "a unique brush-stroke effect, mimicking fans’ body paint, creates the decorative stripes on most of the away jerseys and the players’ names and numbers on the back."

It's unique alright.

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South Africa are wearing the 2010 Adidas kit, just like the Spain jersey I posted above.

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Right. My apologies, I changed it to "some of the African nations." I was reading two articles at the same time (one was about the African Cup of Nations).

Anyway, below is the best example I can find of the Puma lettering Tour De Force is referring to.

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In german, sorry. Too lazy to translate.

adidas: Deutschland, Argentinien, Frankreich, Spanien, Mexico, Japan, Südafrika, Griechenland, Dänemark, Slowakei, Paraguay, Nigeria

Nike: Brasilien, Australien, Neuseeland, Südkorea, Serbien, Portugal, Slowenien, Niederlande, USA

PUMA: Italien, Kamerun, Ghana, Elfenbeinküste, Uruguay, Schweiz, Algerien

Umbro: England

Joma: Honduras

Brooks: Chile

ERKE: Nordkorea

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Concerning the Puma jerseys I’d say the type is as custom designed as the one for adidas.
See also:

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@ Miha: Our and your team have some similarities (they are both 3rd class of teams on this World Cup by quality), but at least your team won :)

@ Others.
Thanks. Those were Puma's jerseys like Jan wrote. Maybe it's just my eyes, but I think I saw a couple of times a very bad spacing/kerning on their backs (maybe it was just an error during the printing of their last names).
If you watch WC in SA, pay attention to Puma's jerseys. Maybe I'm hallucinating cause of bad result of Serbian team :)

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As for the Adidas type, Pasadena comes pretty close. Might have been an inspiration.

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what about "gli Azzuri" or the Italian team. Does anyone know what type that is? I haven't been able to (or rather haven't at all) looked closely at what it is, but I am sure one of you knows more then I would.

A lot of the jerseys this year are looking good by the way.

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The font for the Italy shirts is Crepello, custom by Paul Barnes for Puma:

(See also )

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While I'm Canadian, France, Italy and Brazil go and win!lolol

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I never understood the reason why shirt fonts always have to look like that…
Although I have to admit that the alternative lc a of the adidas font looks neat (see the pic Northbay posted)!
And why puma seems to prefer all lower case on their jerseys. It looks feeble and meek next to an all caps shirt.

Plus the adidas font lacks a capital eszett, no? Since name setting is one of the best reasons for its existence in the first place. Remebering the terrible HÄßLER shirts…

I agree that the overall look of the jerseys is much better this year but as far as type is concerned they’re still third division!

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Remebering the terrible HÄßLER shirts…
No need to remember, you can see terrible KIEßLING shirts now.
A capital eszett would not even be necessary, I'd be happy with a simple double-S.

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Thank you Nina!


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I'm not a fan of the Adidas font, but I must say, to my surprise, that their numbers are the most legible of the bunch: it's light enough, and tracked loosely enough to work from a distance. Those extra hooks on 'E' and 'e' and so on I'm not a fan of.

But as numbers go, others have made too narrow, heavy and tight versions.

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I'm sorry, but you are having a pop at the font on a shirt of a country you cannot even be arsed to get right?

Algiers is the capital of Algeria.

It's Algeria playing.

You wouldn't say "Washington DC vs London" for the USA vs England.

Oh wait, maybe YOU would.

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WTF: sod off...

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In case it hasn't been posted – the FontFeed has a nice little write-up on them shirts now:

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