Type and layout for two-version textbook?

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I'm writing a textbook for middle school students studying English as a foreign language. It's a speaking workbook, and for such a book to be useful, it needs a substantial teacher's edition. But I have so many questions about how to implement this!

1. I have 6 types of information that need to be added to form the teacher's edition. These include short answers, paragraphs, and tables. On most pages there's enough extra text that if I assigned all the teacher components a common design feature, like italics or boxes or a different type, it would look very strange. Any ideas?

2. With different text the teacher's edition doesn't quite match with the student edition; however I can make each lesson (2-4 pages) be the same amount in each version. Is that good enough?

3. a question about the answer space itself. I used dotted lines for short answers, and big blank space for notes. That makes the most sense instructionally, but looks awful. What can I do?

4. how is the type and general layout? I'm using Palatino in LaTeX with the memoir class, on a4 paper. I think it looks very raggedy on the left. I'm thinking I should increase the margins and make subsection headings more distinctive..?

5. Artwork is not planned, but I want to liven it up a bit for the kids. Ideas? And, I have the option to make all the numbered questions continuous throughout a lesson. Should I?

Thank you very much! I've never designed anything on this scale before, nor have I used LaTeX, so this is a big challenge. PS, the sample (textbook.pdf) should be viewed in 2-page mode, because the versions are side by side, and the first page is filler. I also included toefl.pdf, which is a draft (with much less text) in the style of tufte's books. I rejected this because the margins had limited utility, but am rethinking this.

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Clace, is this textbook just for your own students, or is it something you plan to sell commercially? If it's a commercial product you really need to work with a professional graphic designer.

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