(x) 70s swoosh type - Candice, Davida, Bookman Swash {Yves, BJ, Dan}

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Now Im sure this came up a while back - but I can't for the life of my find the darn post...

Im sure it was used for Starsky and Hutch...

It has massive swooshes and is very very 70s flower power...

Anyone remember?


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Thats the badger! Cheers Yves!

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Here's the original thread.

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Cheers James...

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okay - another one :D


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Apologies for the size!

It's the Targa bit im after...

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the top one is Davida.

nevermind on Davida.

The email notification of this post didn't specify
which one you wanted ... :-)

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Try Bookman Swash (but why oh type gods why?)

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